Treacy v Corcoran: 1874

(Irish Court of Common Pleas) The holder of a public office as Clerk of the Crown was entitled to be paid half yearly. During the course of a half year the plaintiff, Treacy, had resigned from that office. At the end of the half year the salary for the whole half year was paid to his successor, Corcoran. Treacy brought an action against Corcoran (not against the Treasurer of the County as payer).
Held: Corcoran must pay to Treacy his apportioned share. Section 110 of the Grand Jury Act applied under which a salary was payable to the Clerk of the Crown. The 1870 Act applied: ‘That being so, it is clear that the salary of the Clerk of the Crown became due to Mr Treacy from day to day up to the 13th of April 1782, being the period during which he filled that office, and became recoverable by him on or after the 24th of July 1872, the proper time for payment having then arrived.’


Monahan C J


(1874) IR Vol VIII 40


Apportionment Act 1870


England and Wales

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The first defendant (F) had been employed by a company involved in a distribution agreement. He had sought to set up a competing arrangement whilst a director of the claimant, and diverted a contract to his new company.
Held: A company . .
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