American Cyanamid Co v Ethicon Ltd: HL 5 Feb 1975

Interim Injunctions in Patents Cases

The plaintiffs brought proceedings for infringement of their patent. The proceedings were defended. The plaintiffs obtained an interim injunction to prevent the defendants infringing their patent, but they now appealed its discharge by the Court of Appeal.
Held: The questions which applied when looking for an interim injunction in patent infringement cases were no different from those in other cases. The court must first look to the balance of convenience. There was no rule that the court must first look for the prospects of success of either party. The court must be satisfied the claim ‘is not frivolous or vexatious; in other words, that there is a serious question to be tried’. Where there was any doubt about damages being adequate compensation for the grant or withholding of an injunction, the court should preserve the status quo. The judge’s assessment of that balance of convenience was not to be disturbed.
Lord Diplock said of the phrase ‘prima facie case’ that it ‘may in some contexts be an elusive concept’ and ‘the governing principle is that the court should first consider whether, if the plaintiff were to succeed at trial in establishing his right to a permanent injunction, he would be adequately compensated by an award of damages for the loss he would have sustained as a result of the defendant’s continuing to do what was sought to be enjoined between the time of the application and the time of the trial. If damages in the measure recoverable would be [an] adequate remedy and the defendant would be in a financial position to pay them, no interim injunction should normally be granted, however strong the plaintiff’s claim appeared to be at that stage.’

Lord Diplock, Viscount Dilhorne, Lord Cross of Chelsea, Lord Salmon and Lord Edmund-Davies
[1975] 2 WLR 316, [1975] AC 396, [1975] UKHL 1, [1975] 1 All ER 504, [1975] FSR 101, [1975] RPC 513
England and Wales
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The plaintiffs asserted ownership in the copyright in a reproduction in a film of the book ‘The Reason Why’. There had been abortive discussions about the purchase of rights. The defendants intended to proceed with another production. They claimed a . .
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Claims of infringement were made as to copyright works being various works about Scientology. Extracts had appeared in the defendant’s book which was critical of the cult. It was submitted by the plaintiff that the fair dealing section applied only . .
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If, while an action is pending against a company for the rescission of a contract to take shares, the company give notice to the plaintiff to forfeit the shares in consequence of non-payment of calls, the Court will, on the plaintiff paying into . .
CitedPreston v Luck CA 1884
The court referred to the need to show ‘a probability that the plaintiff is entitled to relief’
Cotton LJ, though not using the expression ‘prima facie case’ defined the said requirement thus: ‘. . though the Court is not called upon to decide . .
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The plaintiff sought an interlocutory injunction to restrain infringement of a registered design.
Held: Where the design was of recent origin, had not been established by a court of law, and where its validity could be doubted, the court would . .
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The practice of taking undertakings from a party at an interlocutory hearing: ‘aided the court in doing that which was its great object, viz. abstaining from expressing any opinion upon the merits of the case until the hearing.’ . .

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The validity of certain United Kingdom legislation was challenged on the basis that it contravened provisions of the EEC Treaty by depriving the applicants of their Community rights to fish in European waters, and an interlocutory injunction was . .
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An order had been made restraining the defendant trades unions from taking industrial action. The unions said the UK court had no jurisdiction.
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In English law a breach of statutory duty, is actionable as such by a private individual to whom loss or damage is caused by a breach of that duty. Lord Diplock said that it was quite unarguable: ‘that if such a contravention of Article 86 gives . .
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The parties to the action had given cross undertakings to support the grant of an interim injunction. A third party subsequently applied to be joined, and now sought to take advantage of the cross undertakings to claim the losses incurred through . .
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The claimant sought to continue an interim injunction obtained without notice. The claimant sought to restrain former employees misusing information it claimed they had taken with them. The claimants said that having objected to a transfer of their . .
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Jamaica – The customer appealed against refusal of an order requiring its bank not to close the customer accounts after the customer had been accused of fraud. There was no evidence that the account was being used unlawfully.
Held: In the . .
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Lord Denning MR doubted the applicability of the criteria in American Cynamid to public law proceedings. It is appropriate at the interface of public law and private law for the public interest to be taken into account as one of the factors in the . .
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The children had been placed with short term fosterers. On adopters being found, the fosterers themselves applied to adopt the children. The court was asked whether a county court judge had power to injunct the authority not to remove the children . .
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The claimant sought an order to prevent the defendant, a former employee, from misusing its confidential information said to be held by her. Her contract contained no post employment restrictions but did seek to control confidential and other . .
CitedRevenue and Customs v Rochdale Drinks Distributors Ltd CA 13-Oct-2011
The revenue appealed against refusal of its petition for the winding up of the company for non-payment of a VAT assessment. The company said that the assessment was disputed. The revenue said that the company had been run for the purpose of . .
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The parties were contracted to each other in respect of an internet based marketing system for metals and other resources. The claimant had contracted in effect to promote the system. The claimant sought an injunction to prevent termination of . .
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The court was asked whether the court has, following the the 2002 Act, an inherent power to order the cancellation of a unilateral notice registered against a title registered under the 2002 Act and, if so, in what circumstances, and how, such a . .
CitedMerlin Entertainments LPC and Others v Cave QBD 25-Sep-2014
The claimants operated amusement parks. The defendant, believing that the parks were not being opearated as safely as they should be set up web-sites attacking the claimants and some employees in intemperate terms. The claimants sought interim . .
CitedNATS (Services) Ltd v Gatwick Airport Ltd and Another TCC 2-Oct-2014
NATS had tendered unsuccessfully for a contract to provide air traffic control services at Gatrwick airport, and challenged the award. GAL denied that the Regulations applied and now sought disapplication of the automatic suspension from the award . .
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Lord Diplock said: ‘Where, however, the grant or refusal of the interlocutory injunction will have the practical effect of putting an end to the action because the harm that will have been already caused to the losing party by its grant or its . .
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The claimant said that the defendant had, through its members visiting their premises, breached the licence under which they entered, by taking photographs and distributing them on the internet, and in so doing also infringing the performance rights . .
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The American Cyanamid principles apply in cases of interlocutory injunctions in restraint of trade just as they do in other cases. . .
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Whitmar claimed damages for breach of contract; an account of profits; damages for breach of fiduciary duty and/or for infringement of its Database Rights under the Copyright and Rights in Database Regulations 1997; and for a permanent injunction . .

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