Fiona Trust Holding Corp and others v Privalov and others: ComC 21 May 2007

Allegations were made of different varieties of fraud. Applications were made for freezing orders.
David Steel J
[2007] EWHC 1217 (Comm)
England and Wales
CitedAmerican Cyanamid Co v Ethicon Ltd HL 5-Feb-1975
Interim Injunctions in Patents Cases
The plaintiffs brought proceedings for infringement of their patent. The proceedings were defended. The plaintiffs obtained an interim injunction to prevent the defendants infringing their patent, but they now appealed its discharge by the Court of . .
CitedThe Niedersachsen ChD 1983
In order to obtain, or to enlarge a freezing order, the applicant must show that in considering the evidence as a whole he has, at a minimum, a ‘good arguable case’, and also the existence of a real risk of dissipation or secretion of assets. . .
CitedRe Lord Cable 1976
Slade J said: ‘I add one further observation in relation to the evidentiary position. American Cyanamid Co. v. Ethicon Ltd. may have led prospective plaintiffs to the belief, perhaps partially justified, that it is not necessary for them to adduce . .
CitedEng Mee Yong v Letchumanan 1980
Lord Diplock said: ‘Although in the normal way it is not appropriate for a judge to attempt to resolve conflicts of evidence on affidavit, this does not mean that he is bound to accept uncritically, as raising a dispute of fact which calls for . .
CitedFyffes Group Ltd and Others v Templeman and Others QBD 14-Jun-2000
A person who bribed an agent to award a contract was liable to account for profits secured by the bribery as was the agent he bribed, but unlike for the agent, the extent of his liability was limited to exclude profits which he would have earned in . .
CitedCanada Trust Company and others v Wolfgang Otto Stolzenberg and others (2) CA 29-Oct-1997
The court looked at questions relating to domicile and jurisdiction; standard of proof, date to be determined and duties before service.
Held: The court is endeavouring to find an imprecise concept which reflects that the plaintiff must . .
CitedLewis v Freighthire Ltd CA 1-Feb-1999
Application for amendment of pleadings – basis whether there exists ‘a serious issue to be tried.’ . .
See AlsoFiona Trust and Holding Corp and others v Privalov and others ComC 20-Oct-2006
The parties disputed whether their claim should be arbitrated.
Held: A claim as to whether the contract itself had been made was not one which could be arbitrated by provisions in that contract. It does not arise ‘under’ the contract. The . .
See AlsoFiona Trust Holding Corporation and others v Privalov and others ComC 19-Jan-2007
. .
See AlsoFiona Trust and Holding Corporation and others v Privalov and others CA 24-Jan-2007
The court was asked whether when contracts have been induced by bribery and have been rescinded on discovery of the bribery, that constitutes a dispute which can be determined by arbitration in the context of a common form of arbitration clause.
Cited by:
See AlsoPremium Nafta Products Ltd (20th Defendant) and others v Fili Shipping Company Ltd and others; Fiona Trust and Holding Corporation v Privalov HL 17-Oct-2007
The owners of a ship sought to rescind charters saying that they had been procured by bribery.
Held: A claim to rescind a contract by reason of bribery fell within the scope of an arbitration clause under which the parties had agreed to refer . .
See AlsoFiona Trust and Holding Corporation and others v Privalov and others ComC 22-Jul-2008
. .

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