Coventry City Council v PGO and Others: CA 22 Jun 2011

The children had been placed with short term fosterers. On adopters being found, the fosterers themselves applied to adopt the children. The court was asked whether a county court judge had power to injunct the authority not to remove the children and whether the placement for adoption had taken place without the children being physically so placed. It was argued that the foster parents could not meet the requirements of section 44 of the 2002 Act.
Held: The authority’s appeal succeeded. The wording of the duties cast on the local authority by the 2002 Act on receiving a notice from prospective applicants could not be read to negative the possibility of their removal of the child. Indeed section 38 specifically provided a power to the authority to remove the child. Where a placement order had been made in favour of the authority the power of removal was not unders section 20(8) but by a combination of sections 3(1) and 25(2). Nothing in these circumstances operated to remove the authority’s power so to act, though the FPR were perhaps misleading. Though the court had a power to award an injunction even 10 weeks ahead of the time when the correct notice could be given, the court should have asked as to the foster parents’ real prospects of successin establishing that Coventry had acted irrationally. Asking that the prospects were low, and an injunction should not have been granted.
As to placement, a child is placed with prospective adopters only when he begins to live with them: for an adoption agency cannot ‘leave’ a child with persons as prospective adopters before he has begun to live with them: ‘a child is not ‘placed’ for adoption until he begins to live with the proposed adopters or, if he is already living with them in their capacity as foster carers, when the adoption agency formally allows him to continue to live with them in their fresh capacity as prospective adopters.’

Lord Neuberger MR, Wilson L, Dame Janet Smith
[2011] EWCA Civ 729
Adoption and Children Act 2002 42 44, Family Procedure (Adoption) Rules 2005, Family Procedure Rules 2010 118 119
England and Wales
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