Wight, Pilling, Mackey v Eckhardt Marine GmbH: PC 14 May 2003

(Cayman Islands) An international bank went into liquidation in the Cayman Islands, with liabilities in Bangladesh. A new bank was created in Bangladesh, and the applicants sought to make the new bank liable, and through them the liquidators.
Held: The insolvency discharged the debts and the claimants had no case. The intention had been to isolate and preserve the Bangladeshi debts against the liquidation. The winding up order had had no effect on the respondent’s debt, its situs or its proper law. It had been provable even though the lex situs and proper law were both in Bangladesh.
Lord Hoffmann said: ‘The winding up leaves the debts of the creditors untouched. It only effects the way in which they can be enforced. When the order is made, ordinary proceedings against the company are stayed . . The creditors are confined to a collective enforcement procedure that results in pari passu distribution of the company’s assets. The winding up does not either create new substantive rights in the creditors or destroy the old ones. Their debts, if they are owing, remain debts throughout. They are discharged by the winding up only to the extent that they are paid out of dividends. But when the process of distribution is complete, there are no further assets against which they can be enforced. There is no equivalent of the discharge of a personal bankrupt which extinguishes his debt.’
Lord Hoffmann, Lord Nolan, Lord Hobhouse of Woodborough, Lord Scott of Foscote Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe
[2003] UKPC 37, Times 06-Jun-2003, [2004] 1 AC 147
PC, Bailii, PC
England and Wales
CitedBuhr v Barclays Bank plc CA 26-Jan-2001
The bank took a second charge over property, but failed to get it registered. The chargors fell into debt and bankruptcy, and the property was sold. The proceeds were used to discharge the first charge, and then repay unsecured creditors. The bank . .
CitedIn re Banque des Marchands de Moscou (Koupetschesky) (No 2) CA 1954
A Russian bank operated in Russia. It had no branch in England, but did have an account, in credit, with a bank in London. On December 15, 1917 the bank was nationalized by a decree of the soviet government. On December 16th 1917, two documents were . .
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. .
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Soviet legislation involved an extinguishment of the rights and obligations of the commercial banks and the creation of equivalent obligations on the part of a new State Bank. . .
CitedIn re United Railways of the Havana v Regla Warehouses Ltd CA 1960
There had been a financing transaction by way of a lease by a Pennsylvania corporation, as trustee for foreign bondholders, to an English company carrying on business in Cuba, of assets in Cuba. By a Cuban decree the assets were transferred to the . .
CitedF and K Jabbour v Custodian of Israeli Absentee Property 1953
The court was asked as to the effect of foreign regulations on the ownership of a right of action under an insurance policy, and for that purpose examined whether the plaintiff’s claim against the insurance company was a ‘mere right to claim . .
CitedIn re Humber Ironworks and Shipbuilding Co 1869
The assets of a company held on the statutory trusts should be distributed as if they had all been collected and distributed on the date of the winding up order: ‘I think the tree must lie as it falls; that it must be ascertained what are the debts . .

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CitedIn re Telewest Communications Plc ChD 26-Apr-2004
A scheme of arrangement had been proposed. The creditor complained that in providing for payment in a currency other than that agreed, it had been prejudiced.
Held: The provision in the scheme did purport to alter the claimant’s rights. . .
CitedLaw Society of England and Wales and others v Shah and others ChD 30-Nov-2007
Solicitor firms had been made bankrupt leaving a shortfall after thefts from client accounts of over 12 million pounds. The thief had diappeared, and the other partners were now discharged form bankruptcy. The Law Society accepted that it could not . .
CitedCambridge Gas Transport Corp v Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors (of Navigator Holdings Plc and Others) PC 16-May-2006
(Isle of Man) A scheme of arrangement was proposed for a company with involvement in several jurisdictions. An order in New York sought assistance in the vesting of shares and assets in the Isle of Man in the creditors committee. Cambridge was a . .
CitedLB Holdings Intermediate 2 Ltd, The Joint Administrators of v Lehman Brothers International (Europe), The Joint Administrators of and Others SC 17-May-2017
In the course of the insolvent administration of the bank, substantial additional sums were received. Parties appealed against some orders made on the application to court for directions as to what was to be done with the surplus.
Held: The . .
CitedGlobal Distressed Alpha Fund 1 Ltd Partnership v Pt Bakrie Investindo ComC 17-Feb-2011
Action on an instrument of guarantee.
Held: judgment for the Claimant in respect of the principal sum of US$2m. and such interest payments as were due. . .

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