Cambridge Gas Transport Corp v Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors (of Navigator Holdings Plc and Others): PC 16 May 2006

(Isle of Man) A scheme of arrangement was proposed for a company with involvement in several jurisdictions. An order in New York sought assistance in the vesting of shares and assets in the Isle of Man in the creditors committee. Cambridge was a majority shareholder in the Isle of Man company, but had no involvement in the New York proceedings and resisted the vesting order.
Held: The appeal failed. If the New York order was in rem, then it could not affect title to shares in the Isle of Man. If in personam, the court had a wide common law discretion, but the action had been brought against the wrong party. However the order was neither: ‘The purpose of bankruptcy proceedings . . is not to determine or establish the existence of rights, but to provide a mechanism of collective execution against the property of the debtor by creditors whose rights are admitted or established. That mechanism may vary in its details.’
The Manx court had jurisdiction to assist the committee of creditors, as appointed representatives under the Chapter 11 order, to give effect to the plan. As there was no suggestion of prejudice to any creditor in the Isle of Man or local law which might be infringed, there was no discretionary reason for withholding such assistance.
Lord Bingham of Cornhill, Lord Hoffmann, Lord Hutton, Lord Rodger of Earlsferry, Lord Carswell
[2006] UKPC 26, [2007] 1 AC 508, [2006] 3 WLR 689
England and Wales
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A firm in Amsterdam was declared bankrupt and assignees were appointed. An English creditor brought garnishee proceedings in London to attach andpound;1200 owing to the Dutch firm.
Held: The court decreed that the bankruptcy had vested all the . .
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(Cayman Islands) An international bank went into liquidation in the Cayman Islands, with liabilities in Bangladesh. A new bank was created in Bangladesh, and the applicants sought to make the new bank liable, and through them the liquidators.
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The liquidators in a creditors voluntary liquidation converted foreign currency debts of the company into Sterling at the rate of exchange prevailing at the date of the resolution to wind up. As a result of the depreciation of Sterling against the . .
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English moveables may vest automatically in a foreign trustee or assignee where the bankrupt submitted to this jurisdiction. . .
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A resolution or order for winding up of a company divests it of the beneficial interest in its assets. They become a fund which the company thereafter holds in trust to discharge its liabilities. Where a company is wound up in this country, its . .
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Farwell J defined a share: ‘a share is the interest of a shareholder in the company measured by a sum of money, for the purpose of liability in the first place, and of interest in the second’. . .
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In the case of an insolvent company, in which the shareholders have no interest of any value, the court may sanction a scheme which leaves them with nothing. . .

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HIH, an Australian Insurance company, became insolvent. An order was sought for the collection and remission of it assets in England under a letter of request from the Australia Court.
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Action on an instrument of guarantee.
Held: judgment for the Claimant in respect of the principal sum of US$2m. and such interest payments as were due. . .

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