Whittington Hospital NHS Trust v XX: SC 1 Apr 2020

A negligent delay in the diagnosis of her cancer left the clamant dependent on paid for surrogacy arrangements. Three issues were raised; could damages to fund surrogacy arrangements using the claimant’s own eggs be recovered? Second, if so, could damages to fund arrangements using donor eggs be recovered? Third, in either event, could damages to fund the cost of commercial surrogacy arrangements in a country where this was not unlawful be recovered?
Held: The Court answered; yes, yes, and yes.
Under UK law, surrogacy arrangements are completely unenforceable; the surrogate mother is always the child’s legal parent unless and until a court makes a ‘parental order’ transferring legal parenthood to the commissioning parents; and the making of surrogacy arrangements on a commercial basis is banned. However, offences can only be committed in the UK, and nothing stops agencies based abroad from making surrogacy arrangements on a commercial basis abroad.
The chances of an own egg surrogacy being successful were reasonable, and she had delayed cancer treatment for treatment, and its reasonable costs were recoverable. Things had changed since Briody.
On the third question, Lord Carnwath dissenting, though a UK court will not enforce a contract in breach of public policy most items under the US contract would be recoverable here.


Lady Hale, Lord Reed, Lord Kerr, Lord Wilson, Lord Carnwath


[2020] UKSC 14, [2020] WLR(D) 207, [2020] 4 All ER 93, [2020] PIQR P12, [2021] AC 275, (2020) 174 BMLR 1, [2020] Med LR 209, [2020] 2 WLR 972, UKSC 2019/0013


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Surrogacy Arrangements Act 1985 2(1)


England and Wales


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