Livingstone v Rawyards Coal Co: HL 13 Feb 1880

Damages or removal of coal under land

User damages were awarded for the unauthorised removal of coal from beneath the appellant’s land, even though the site was too small for the appellant to have mined the coal himself. The appellant was also awarded damages for the damage done to the houses on the surface. If damages are to be awarded at all, the aim must be to put an injured party: ‘in the same position as he would have been in if he had not suffered the wrong for which he is now getting his compensation or reparation’
Lord Blackburne said: ‘I do not think there is any difference of opinion as to its being a general rule that, where any injury is to be compensated by damages, in settling the sum of money to be given for reparation of damages you should as nearly as possible get that sum of money which will put the party who has been injured, or who has suffered, in the same position as he would have been in if he had not sustained the wrong for which he is now getting his compensation or reparation. That must be qualified by a great many things which may arise – such, for instance, as by the consideration whether the damage has been maliciously done, or whether it has been done with full knowledge that the person doing it was doing wrong. There could be no doubt that there you would say that everything would be taken into view that would go most against the wilful wrongdoer–many things which you would properly allow in favour of an innocent mistaken trespasser would be disallowed as against a wilful and intentional trespasser on the ground that he must not qualify his own wrong, and various things of that sort.’


Lord Blackburne


(1880) 5 App Cas 25, [1880] UKHL 3, [1880] UKHL 387, 17 SLR 387, 5 App Cas 253


Bailii, Bailii




Appeal fromLivingstone v The Rawyards Coal Co SCS 20-May-1879
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