Tesco Stores Ltd v Secretary of State for the Environment and Others: HL 11 May 1995

Three companies had applied for permission to build retail food superstores in Witney. The Inspector had recommended Tesco’s proposal, but the respondent rejected it. Tesco’s had offered to provide by way of a section 106 agreement full funding for a link road as part of its application.
Held: The offer of funding for the link road was sufficiently related to the proposed development to constitute a material consideration for planning purposes but the Secretary of State had been entitled to consider that it was of insufficient weight to justify the grant of permission. A Local Authority is to attach its own importance to planning obligation offered with application. A planning obligation was a material consideration for consideration by Local Authority assessing a planning application. When the decision-maker comes to balance the factors he is entitled to place in the scales, it is entirely for the decision-maker to attribute to the relevant consideration such weight as he thinks fit, and the courts will not interfere unless he has acted unreasonably in the Wednesbury sense.
Lord Hoffmann discussed the difference between the materiality of a consideration and its weight: ‘The law has always made a clear distinction between the question of whether something is a material consideration and the weight which it should be given. The former is a question of law and the latter is a question of planning judgment, which is entirely a matter for the planning authority. Provided that the planning authority has regard to all material considerations, it is at liberty (provided that it does not lapse into Wednesbury irrationality) to give them whatever weight the planning authority thinks fit or no weight at all.
This distinction between whether something is a material consideration and the weight which it should be given is only one aspect of a fundamental principle of British planning law, namely that the courts are concerned only with the legality of the decision-making process and not with the merits of the decision. If there is one principle of planning law more firmly settled than any other, it is that matters of planning judgment are within the exclusive province of the local planning authority or the Secretary of State.’ and ‘If the planning authority ignores a material consideration because it has forgotten about it, or because it wrongly thinks that the law or departmental policy (as in Safeway Properties Ltd v Secretary of State for the Environment [1991] JPL 966) precludes it from taking it into account, then it has failed to have regard to a material consideration. But if the decision to give that consideration no weight is based on rational planning grounds, then the planning authority is entitled to ignore it.’

Lord Keith of Kinkel, Lord Hoffmann
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Town and Country Planning Act 1990 106
England and Wales
Appeal fromTesco Stores Ltd v Secretary of State for the Environment and Others CA 25-May-1994
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