C v London Borough of Lewisham: CA 4 Jul 2003

The applicant lost her flat and had been refused emergency housing for herself and her child. She had a very troubled history with severe emotional trauma, and was disorganised. He application was refused on the ground of her having become intentionally homeless. The authority refused to extend her time to request a review. She now appealed a similar refusal of the court.
Held: In so far as the local housing authority was exercising an extra-statutory discretion, it was fully entitled to take it no further. The authority gave full reasons why the department was not prepared to accede to the request. This decision is even further beyond challenge by judicial review than a decision taken under s. 202(3).


Lord Justice Ward, Lord Justice Waller And Lord Justice Dyson


[2003] EWCA Civ 927, Times 12-Aug-2003, Gazette 11-Sep-2003




Housing Act 1996 202 204


England and Wales


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It is not uncommon, after a decision has been reached that an applicant for housing under Part III of the Act became intentionally homeless, for a request to be made to reconsider the decision in the light of additional material or argument. Such a . .
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Held: The section gave . .
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The House was asked whether a rating authority could refuse to repay rates which had been paid by mistake.
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A right of appeal against a Housing authority’s decision lay only against the original decision itself after a review, and the notice of appeal was to be given with 21 days of the original review. A council in its discretion can decide to reconsider . .
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