Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Planning Authority v Elsick Development Company Limited: SC 25 Oct 2017

The court was asked whether, anticipating substantial growth, a local authority had power to attach to permissions for development conditions intended to recover sums for pooled fund for infrastructure development.
Held: The appeal failed. Approved strategic development plans and their supplementary guidance are of substantial importance to planning decisions. A planning obligation may be entered into in circumstances which are not connected with any planning application. When considering a planning application, the authority must allow for material provisions of the development plan and other material considerations. For a planning obligation to be material it must have some connection with the proposed development which more than trivial. If a planning obligation, which is otherwise irrelevant to the application, is sought as a policy in the development plan, the policy seeking to impose such an obligation is an irrelevant consideration for determination of the planning application.


Lord Neuberger, Lady Hale, Lord Mance, Lord Reed, Lord Hodge


[2017] UKSC 66, UKSC 2016/0157, [2018] JPL 433, [2017] PTSR 1413, 2017 GWD 34-537, 2017 SLT 1231, [2018] 1 P and CR 14, 2018 SCLR 56


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Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 75, Planning etc (Scotland) Act 2006




Appeal fromElsick Development Co Ltd v Aberdeen City and Shire Stratetgic Development Planning Authority and Another SCS 29-Apr-2016
(First Division, Inner House) ED appealed from the adoption of a supplementary guidance (SG).
Held: The appeal succeeded. The First Division upheld three of the four grounds of appeal advanced. First, the court upheld the submission that the . .
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Administrative Discretion to be Used Reasonably
The applicant challenged the manner of decision making as to the conditions which had been attached to its licence to open the cinema on Sundays. It had not been allowed to admit children under 15 years of age. The statute provided no appeal . .
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Pyx Granite had the right to quarry in two areas of the Malvern Hills. The company required permission to break fresh surface on one of the sites.
Held: Conditions attached to the planning permission relating to such matters as the times when . .
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The local authority was not entitled under the 1960 Act to lay down conditions relating to the licensee’s powers of letting or licensing caravan spaces to its customers. The freedom to contract is a fundamental right, and that if Parliament intends . .
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The Listed buildings registers are to be read consistently; the trading level is a material consideration in listed buildings consent applications. The weight to be given to a material consideration once identified was a matter of judgment for the . .
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Lord MacLean upheld the validity of a planning obligation to build an estate road to serve the owner’s development of his land and also to facilitate the development of neighbouring land in third party ownership . .

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