Sinclair Roche and Temperley and others v Heard and Another: EAT 22 Jul 2004

EAT Sex discrimination claim by former partners against the partnership and individual partners: direct discrimination (in both cases) and indirect discrimination (in one) found by ET.
(i) ET must, if ordering written submissions, allow sufficient time for them to be prepared and in particular to be considered and assimilated by the other party and the Tribunal before oral submissions.
(ii) Findings of direct and indirect discrimination set aside and remitted. Respondent must be entitled to give, and have considered, justification and/or non-discriminatory explanations for an adequately established prima facie case of unfavourable treatment or discrimination (Anya, Wolff and Bahl applied).
(iii) Remitted to same Tribunal – principles for the taking of such course set out.
(iv) Issues of knowingly aiding and of indemnity / contribution between partners for acts of discrimination considered and remitted.
The Honourable Mr Justice Burton
[2004] UKEAT 0738 – 03 – 2207, UKEAT/0738/03, [2004] IRLR 763
Bailii, EATn
England and Wales
CitedOwusu v London Fire and Civil Defence Authority EAT 1-Mar-1995
The employee complained of his employer’s repeated failure to regrade him, and alleged discrimination. The employer said his claim was out of time.
Held: Mummery J made the distinction between single acts of discrimination, and continuing . .

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National Minimum Wage Regulations 1999, Reg. 2(2)
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Held: The School’s appeal against the decision of the EAT to re-instate the claim of unfair dismissal succeeded. The EAT . .
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