Owusu v London Fire and Civil Defence Authority: EAT 1 Mar 1995

The employee complained of his employer’s repeated failure to regrade him, and alleged discrimination. The employer said his claim was out of time.
Held: Mummery J made the distinction between single acts of discrimination, and continuing discrimination: ‘the tribunal erred in law in failing to treat the acts complained of on regrading and failure to give the opportunity to act up as continuing acts . . in our view the allegations amount to a prima facie case that there was a continuing act. The continuing act was in the form of maintaining a practice which, when followed or applied, excluded Mr Owusu from regrading or opportunities to act up.
The position is that an act does not extend over a period simply because the doing of the act has continuing consequences. A specific decision not to upgrade may be a specific act with continuing consequences. The continuing consequences do not make it a continuing act. On the other hand, an act does extend over a period of time if it takes the form of some policy, rule or practice, in accordance with which decisions are taken from time to time. What is continuing is alleged in this case to be a practice which results in consistent decisions discriminatory of Mr Owusu.
It would be a matter of evidence for the tribunal as to whether such a practice . . in fact exists. It may be that, when explanations are given by the respondents, it will be shown that there is no link between one instance and another, no linking practice but a matter of one-off decisions with different explanations which cannot constitute a practice.’

Mummery J
[1995] UKEAT 334 – 93 – 0103, [1995] IRLR 574
England and Wales
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Employment Tribunals to Provide Sufficient Reasons
Tribunals, when giving their decisions, are required to do no more than to make clear their findings of fact and to answer any question of law raised.
Bingham LJ said: ‘It has on a number of occasions been made plain that the decision of an . .

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Complaint was made within time limit when the decision complained of was a reconsideration of an earlier decision, not just a reference back to it.
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Practice and Procedure – Striking-out/dismissal
Allegations of racial discrimination occurring over lengthy period of time. Meaning of ‘act extending over a . .
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2002 Act and Pre-Action Requirements
Claim in Time and Effective Date of Termination
Extension of Time: Reasonably Practicable
The Tribunal at a pre-hearing review . .
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The claimant brought his claim in discrimination, but it was out of time. The employer appealed against a decision to extend the time for him to file his complaint.
Held: A tribunal has a very wide discretion in the area of whether to extend . .
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EAT Sex discrimination claim by former partners against the partnership and individual partners: direct discrimination (in both cases) and indirect discrimination (in one) found by ET.
(i) ET must, if . .
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