Sharp v Caledonia Group Services Ltd: EAT 1 Nov 2005

EAT Equal Pay Act – Material factor defence – In an equal pay claim involving a presumption of direct discrimination the genuine material factor defence requires justification by objective criteria.
The claimant appealed dismissal of her action for equal pay, saying that the ‘material factor’ defence used to justify a different payment had been incorrectly applied. It was suggested that the decision on Fernandez did not fit with the ECJ decisions leading up to Brunhoffer.
Held: The Brunhoffer case was to be preferred to Fernandez, since it ‘provides clear guidelines in equal pay cases as to the need for objective justification in all cases.’ In the case of a conflict between UK and European decisions on this subject the European Court should be preferred. ‘the Tribunal approached the genuine material factor defence on a subjective rather than objective view. ‘ and that decision would require a rehearing. When an employer raised in defence to amn action for sex discrimination a defence that there had been a material factor justifying the difference in pay it was for that employer to establish the existence of the condition objectively.
EAT In an equal pay claim involving a presumption of direct discrimination the genuine material factor defence requires justification by objective criteria.


Ansell J


UKEAT/0041/05, [2005] UKEAT 0041 – 05 – 0111, [2006] IRLR 4, [2006] ICR 218




Equal Pay Act 1970 1(3), Sex Discrimination Act 1975 1


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EAT Sex Discrimination – Inferring Discrimination
The claimant sought compenstion for sex discrimination. She appealed a finding of a material factor justifying the difference in pay.
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Proving Discrimination – Two Stage Process
Each appeal raised procedural issues in discrimination cases, asking where, under the new regulations, the burden of proof had shifted.
Held: The new situation required a two stage process before a complaint could be upheld. First the claimant . .
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