Barton v Investec Henderson Crosthwaite Securities Ltd: EAT 6 Mar 2003

EAT Sex Discrimination – Inferring Discrimination
The claimant sought compenstion for sex discrimination. She appealed a finding of a material factor justifying the difference in pay.
Held: The new provisions included reference to the Code of Practice issued by the Equal Opportunities Commission, which provided that the employer should provide a transparent system for setting pay so as to encourage equal treatment. The tribunal set out guidelines now to be followed under the new rules for determining whether discrimination had occurred, emphasising the need to follow the two stage procedure carefully. Inferences drawn against the employer under the new sections might also inform decisions under the 1970 Act.


His Hon Judge Ansell


EAT/18/03, Times 16-Apr-2003, Gazette 05-Jun-2003, [2003] EAT 18 – 03 – 0304, [2003] UKEAT 18 – 03 – 0304, [2003] ICR 1205


Bailii, Bailii


Sex Discrimination Act 1975 56A 63A, Sex Discrimination (Indirect Discrimination and Burden of Proof) Regulations 2001 (2001 No 2660), Equal Pay Act 1970


England and Wales


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Proving Discrimination – Two Stage Process
Each appeal raised procedural issues in discrimination cases, asking where, under the new regulations, the burden of proof had shifted.
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