Robertson v Swift: SC 9 Sep 2014

Notice Absence did not Remove Right to Cancel

The defendant had contracted to arrange the removal of the claimant’s household goods on moving house. The claimant cancelled the contract, made at his housel, but refused to pay the cancellation fee, saying that the contract not having been made at the defendant’s premises. The Court of Appeal had found the contractor unable to recover the cancellation fee, but also that the consumer appellant was unable to recover the deposit he had paid.
Held: The appeal succeeded. A failure by a trader to give written notice of the right to cancel does not deprive a consumer of the statutory right to cancel under regulation 7(1) of the 2008 Regulations.
A national court must interpret domestic legislation, so far as possible, in the light of the wording and purpose of the Directive which it seeks to implement. The requirement to give notice of the right to cancel is not a technical prerequisite to the arousal of the right but a means of ensuring that the consumer is made aware that he is entitled to cancel the contract after a period of reflection. Any implementation of this requirement must reflect its purpose. To hold that the consumer did not have the right to cancel because the trader had not served written notice of the right to cancel would run directly counter to the overall purpose of the Directive in ensuring that a consumer has the opportunity to withdraw from a contract without suffering significant adverse consequences.
‘ it is clear from the decisions . . that the objective of the Directive where a contract is cancelled is that the consumer should not suffer adverse consequences; that, in effect, he should be placed in the position that he would have been in if he had not entered the agreement in the first place. That the achievement of this objective should be dependent on whether the trader has given written notice to the consumer of his right to cancel would be incongruous’

Lady Hale, Deputy President, Lord Kerr, Lord Wilson, Lord Carnwath, Lord Hodge
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