Avonwick Holdings Ltd v Webinvest Ltd and Another: ChD 10 Oct 2014

Application by the claimant that certain correspondence between the parties and their solicitors in April-May 2014 should be admissible as evidence, notwithstanding that most of it was headed ‘without prejudice and subject to contract’. The application was opposed.
Held: For a document to be inadmissible on the grounds that it is ‘without prejudice’, it must form part of a genuine attempt to resolve a dispute. There needs to be both a genuine dispute to be resolved and a genuine attempt to resolve it. If there is no dispute about a liability, but only a negotiation as to how and when it should be discharged, the negotiations, and documents produced in the course of them, are not covered by the ‘without prejudice’ exception to the admissibility of relevant evidence. Marking a document as ‘without prejudice’ is a strong indication that there is a genuine dispute and a genuine attempt to settle the dispute, but it is not conclusive.
In this case the correspondence should be admitted, subject to the approach taken in Denton.

David Richards J
[2014] EWHC 3322 (Ch)
England and Wales
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