Airtours Holidays Transport Ltd v Revenue and Customs: SC 11 May 2016

The court was asked whether the appellant, Airtours Holidays Transport Ltd (formerly MyTravel Group plc), was entitled to recover, by way of input tax VAT charged by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in respect of services provided by PwC and paid for by Airtours.
Held: The appeal was dismissed (Clarke and Carnwath LL dissenting) For the VAT to be reclaimable as input tax, it must be ‘VAT on the supply to [Airtours] of any goods or services’ . Whether there had been a supply of services by PwC to Airtours gave rise to two principal questions: whether PwC agreed, under the terms of the Contract, to supply services, and in particular to provide the Report. HMRC accepted that, if the answer to that question was yes, the appeal must be allowed. PwC’s commitment to provide the services described in the Contract was a contractual commitment to the ‘Engaging Institutions’, and not to Airtours, for the following reasons: (i) the Letter is addressed ‘To the Engaging Institutions’, and not to Airtours; (ii) paragraph 1 of the Letter provides that the Institutions had retained PwC; there is no suggestion that Airtours had done so; (iii) paragraph 4 of the Letter provides that any reports are ‘for the sole use of [those] institutions’ (iv) paragraph 8 of the Letter states that the Report is to be provided to the Institutions and Airtours is only to be provided with a copy, which can be redacted; (v) paragraphs 9 and 10 of the Letter recognise a duty of care on the part of PwC to the Institutions, but does not acknowledge one to Airtours; further, paragraph 11 excludes any duty of care or liability to ‘any other party’. While Airtours did countersign the Letter, it had to do so in order to be bound by certain provisions, such as those relating to the payment of PwC’s fees. The fact that Airtours, rather than the Institutions, was to pay PwC for the services, can be fairly said to raise a prima facie expectation that PwC would owe a duty to Airtours to provide those services. However, the Institutions wanted the services; there is no indication Airtours would have still paid for those services had that not been the
case. The same can be said of Airtours’ argument that its interest in having a report produced for the Institutions indicates there was a supply of services to it.
Where the person who pays the supplier is not entitled under the contractual document to receive any services from the supplier, then, unless the documentation does not reflect the economic reality, the payer has no right to reclaim by way of input tax the VAT in respect of the payment to the supplier.
Lord Neuberger held: ‘In the end, we are concerned with the interpretation of a document, and it is well established that that is a matter of law, not fact, in the courts of all parts of the United Kingdom. Of course, where there are relevant findings of primary fact (or even, at least in some cases, of secondary fact) relevant to interpretation, a Tribunal’s finding will deserve particular respect, but that does not arise in this case. . . ‘

Lord Neuberger, President, Lord Mance, Lord Clarke, Lord Carnwath, Lord Hodge
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Value Added Tax Act 1994 24 25 26
England and Wales
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