Maclaine Watson and Co Ltd v International Tin Council (No. 2): CA 1988

When the ITC did not satisfy an arbitral award made against it, the judgment creditor sought to discover where its assets could be found. Application to the Court was made under RSC 0.48 of the Supreme Court Act 1981 and under the Court’s inherent jurisdiction. Milled J. refused the application under 0.48 but granted it under section 37. The defendant appealed.
Held: The Appeal failed. The Judge’s decision under the Rules was correct. The order was made against a ‘proper officer’ of the ITC. Being a non- corporate entity there were no officers in the technical sense or the sense in which that word is used in the case of corporations. The court considered the inherent jurisdiction to compel disclosure of assets abroad.
Kerr LJ said: ‘there is an inherent power under what is now section 37(1) to make any ancillary order, including an order for discovery, to ensure the effectiveness of any other order made by the court.’
Kerr LJ
[1989] Ch 286, [I988] 3 WLR 1 190
England and Wales
CitedA J Bekhor and Co Ltd v Bilton CA 6-Feb-1981
The plaintiff had applied for disclosure of assets under the Rules of the Supreme Court in support of a Mareva freezing order. The rules were held not to provide any such power: disclosure of assets could not be obtained as part of discovery as the . .

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Appeal from (affirmed)Maclaine Watson and Co Ltd v International Tin Council HL 2-Jan-1989
The International Tin Council was a body constituted by an international treaty not incorporated into law in the United Kingdom. The ITC was also created a legal person in the United Kingdom by article 5 1972 Order.
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