Farley v Skinner: HL 11 Oct 2001

The claimant sought damages from the defendant surveyor. He had asked the defendant whether the house he was to buy was subject to aircraft noise. After re-assurance, he bought the house. The surveyor was wrong and negligent. A survey would not normally cover this question, but he had been asked the question and he had answered it. Could the buyer claim damages for non-pecuniary loss?
Held: The contract was a contract to secure pleasure, relaxation and peace of mind. That did not need to be the very object of the contract for damages to be awarded. The surveyor could not escape liability by saying he had not contracted to produce the result requested. Nor was the claimant obliged to move house or surrender his claim. The innocent party is entitled to be placed in the position that he would have been in had the party in breach exercised due care. Damages might be recoverable for distress and inconvenience for breach of contract where the matter was important to the claimant, that had been made clear to the defendant, and the required action had been incorporated into the contract. The court viewed an award of 10,000 pounds for the discomfort of suffering aircraft noise, as high and at the very top of an appropriate bracket.

Lord Steyn
Times 15-Oct-2001, Gazette 18-Oct-2001, [2001] UKHL 49, [2002] 2 AC 732, [2001] 3 WLR 899, [2001] All ER 801
House of Lords, Bailii
England and Wales
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Appeal fromFarley v Skinner CA 6-Apr-2000
A surveyor was engaged to report on a property, and was specifically requested to advise on the levels of aircraft noise from a nearby airport which might affect the property. He failed to report on the proximity of a navigation beacon.
Held: . .
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