J Sainsbury Ltd v Hitt; Orse Sainsburys Supermarkets Limited v Hitt: CA 18 Oct 2002

Reasobaleness of Investigation Judged Objectively

The employer appealed against a decision that it had unfairly dismissed the respondent. The majority of the Employment Tribunal had decided that the employers had not carried out a reasonable investigation into the employee’s alleged misconduct which consisted of stealing an article found in his locker at work, because other employees who might have had an opportunity to put the allegedly stolen items in the employee’s locker had not been interviewed and the possibility of a plant had not been eliminated.
Held: The rule that the tribunal must not seek to substitute its own view for that of the employer applied also when looking at the reasonableness of the method used in investigating the complaint which underlay the dismissal. The standard is objective: that of the reasonable employer. The employer’s reaction and investigation had been within the range of reasonable responses available to an employer: ‘if the correct approach is taken to the application of the test laid down by the Court of Appeal to the facts of this case, the only conclusion which a reasonable Tribunal could reach is that the investigation in this case was reasonable in all the circumstances. The position is that the Employment Tribunal’s decision was legally flawed by the application of the wrong test. If one looks at the findings of fact the position is as stated by the Chairman in his dissenting conclusions. . . Sainsbury’s were reasonably entitled to conclude on the basis of judgment of this investigation that Mr Hitt’s explanation was improbable. The objective standard of the reasonable employer did not require them to carry out yet further investigations at the time, the majority in the Employment Tribunal in their view, considered ought to have been carried out.’
‘The range of reasonable responses test (or, to put it another way, the need to apply the objective standards of the reasonable employer) applies as much to the question whether the investigation into the suspected misconduct was reasonable in all the circumstances as it does to the reasonableness of the decision to dismiss for the conduct reason.’

Ward, Mummery, Jonathan Parker, LLJ
Times 14-Nov-2002, [2002] EWCA Civ 1588, [2003] ICR 111, [2002] Emp LR 1273, [2003] IRLR 23
England and Wales
CitedFoley v Post Office; HSBC Bank Plc (Formerly Midland Bank Plc) v Madden CA 31-Jul-2000
When an Employment Tribunal looked at whether a dismissal was reasonable, the test related not to an assessment of what tribunal members would think or do, but rather whether to ask whether the employer’s response was within a ‘band or range of . .
Appeal fromSainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd v Hitt EAT 8-Nov-2001
EAT Unfair Dismissal – Reason for dismissal including substantial other reason. . .
ApprovedBritish Home Stores Ltd v Burchell EAT 1978
B had been dismissed for allegedly being involved with a number of other employees in acts of dishonesty relating to staff purchases. She had denied the abuse. The tribunal had found the dismissal unfair in the methods used to decide to dismiss her. . .
ConsideredMidland Bank Plc v Madden EAT 7-Mar-2000
. .
CitedHaddon v Van Den Bergh Foods Ltd EAT 10-Nov-1999
An employee did not return to work after a presentation to him of a good service award, because he had drunk alcohol. A new policy required staff not to return to work after consuming alcohol, but had also said that alcohol would not be provided. . .
CitedWhitbread Plc (Trading As Whitbread Medway Inns) v Hall CA 27-Feb-2001
The employer appealed against a finding of unfair dismissal.
Held: In deciding whether the applicant had been unfairly dismissed for misconduct, the tribunal was free to consider whether the procedure adopted by the employer was reasonable, . .

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The applicant claimed unfair constructive dismissal.
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EAT Unfair Dismissal.
Tribunal holds that the dismissal was unfair because the employer failed to arrange an oral hearing of an appeal against dismissal and determined it on the papers.
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Where an employee is long-term absent on grounds of ill health, and his pension scheme contains provisions entitling him to an ill health pension on grounds . .
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Reasonableness of dismissal
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EAT UNFAIR DISMISSAL: Reasonableness of dismissal
The Employment Tribunal did not err when it found the Respondent unfairly dismissed the Claimant, holding him 55% to blame. . .
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Majority of the Tribunal found that the procedures were unfair. The investigation was inadequate and accordingly the conclusion that the employee had committed misconduct was not based . .
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Majority view of Tribunal that the investigation was insufficient and dismissal was an impermissible sanction was incorrect in that they did not apply test . .
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EAT UNFAIR DISMISSAL: Reasonableness of dismissal
Tribunal mis-states test and reasons in a way indicative of substituting its own judgment rather than considering whether the employer has acted reasonably. . .
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EAT UNFAIR DISMISSAL: Reasonableness of dismissal
Employee dismissed for deliberately breaking the IRIS screen in her buffet car on one of the Appellant’s trains. The Employment Tribunal found that the . .
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EAT UNFAIR DISMISSAL: Constructive dismissal
Whether fundamental breach of implied term of trust and confidence cured, so that the Claimant’s resignation did not amount to constructive dismissal.
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Fairness/automatically unfair dismissal
Practice and Procedure – Amendment
Employment Tribunal’s conclusion of unfairness could not . .
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EAT The Claimant, a director of the Respondent, was dismissed for gross misconduct. There were grounds upon which the Respondent could reasonably have treated his conduct as justifying immediate dismissal for a . .
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EAT The employee was the practice manager at a general medical practice. She was dismissed for dishonesty, taking unauthorised pay for overtime hours. She alleged that she had been told by the former practice . .
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Unfair Dismissal – Contributory fault
Conduct UD. ET substituted their view for that of employer in holding no reasonable investigation and dismissal . .
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EAT Unfair dismissal claim. At end of hearing Tribunal gave brief and reasons for conclusion that no reasonable employer could have regarded dismissal as appropriate. Subsequently after being asked to give . .
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EAT Unfair Dismissal: Reason for Dismissal and Reasonableness of Dismissal; Practice and Procedure: Bias, Misconduct, and Procedural Irregularity
Challenge to finding of finding of unfair dismissal – over 50 . .
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Confidentiality of Complainants – need to inform employee of case against him. Application of HSBC v Madden; Sainsbury v Hitt. Range of reasonable responses. . .
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In paragraph 22 of its Reasons the Tribunal appears to have decided that the employer was required to give the employee . .
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EAT Reason for dismissal – Reasonableness of dismissal – The claimant was a pilot whose licence became restricted and he was dismissed. He claimed that he had been unfairly dismissed in respect that his dismissal . .
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Reasonable adjustments
Unfair dismissal and disability discrimination. Claimant employed as a service . .
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(1) Employment Tribunal did not err in finding that Claimant was unfairly dismissed. As a matter of construction, the disciplinary procedure required a . .
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EAT Unfair Dismissal
Tribunal did not apply our views on unfair dismissal. But applied range of reasonable responses. Denial of opportunity to employee to attend disciplinary hearing rendered procedure . .
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EAT Unfair Dismissal – Reasonableness of dismissal. . .
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EAT Unfair Dismissal: Reasonableness of Dismissal
Unfair Dismissal. Conduct. Procedural fairness. Range of reasonable responses test applied. Employment Tribunal decision reversed.
Stolt Offshore Ltd v Fraser EAT 26-Feb-2003
EAT Unfair Dismissal – Reason for dismissal including substantial other reason. . .
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EAT Unfair Dismissal – Procedural Fairness . .
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EAT Unfair Dismissal – Reason for dismissal including substantial other reason. . .
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The employee appealed against the reversal by the EAT of her successful claim for unfair dismissal. She had been dismissed for alleged gross misconduct in disrespectful treatment of a patient. She said that investigation had been procedurally . .
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Reasonableness of dismissal
Procedural fairness/automatically unfair dismissal
The Employment Tribunal failed to consider the effect of S98A(2) of the Employment Rights Act . .
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The appellant had been dismissed for alleged dishonest expenses claims. He was said to have claimed for more miles travelled than would be calculated by AA or RAC services. He said that ony two such allegations were put to him for explanation, but . .

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