HB v PB: FD 9 Jul 2013

Claim for costs against third party local authority, Croydon LBC after four day private law fact finding hearing. F said that M had fabricated illnesses both in herself and the child leading to the LA being asked to prepare a report. That report failed to allow for established guidance on the topic, leading to the abandonment of a listing to hear the case.
Held: ‘The failings outlined above (and, in fairness, to some extent conceded by Mr. Calway) comfortably carry this case over the ‘exceptionality’ threshold. The consequence of the Local Authority’s failure to comply appropriately with the direction of the Court was the inevitable abandonment of the fact-finding hearing in December 2012, the requirement for a further directions hearing, and the consequent delay (with its financial and emotional cost to the parties) in re-listing it ‘


Cobb J


[2013] EWHC 1956 (Fam), [2013] PTSR 1579, [2016] 1 FLR 92, [2015] Fam Law 371, [2013] 5 Costs LR 738, [2013] 3 FCR 318, [2013] Fam Law 1258




Children Act 1989, Family Procedure Rules 2010 28.1, Senior Courts Act 1981 51(1)


England and Wales


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