Sonia Burkett, Regina (on the Application of) v London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham: CA 15 Oct 2004

The appellant challenged an order for costs after dismissal of her application for judicial review of the respondent’s planning decision. The claimant had been granted legal aid at about the time of the bringing in of the new legal aid scheme. The two regimes differed as to the limits applied to sums recoverable from the Legal Service Commission. The judge made an order for assessment of the council’s costs of the substantive hearing and directed that they should be set off against the claimant’s costs of the permission application.
Held: The appeal was not to be allowed, and the authority could set off its claim. Though an order had been made in favour of the claimant at one stage, the defendants could set off the later order. The result was noted by the court as disturbing because of the adverse effect it might have on an already unprofitable area of practice.
Lord Justice Brooke Lord Justice Buxton Lord Justice Carnwath The Vice President Of The Court Of Appeal (Civil Division)
[2004] EWCA Civ 1342, Times 20-Oct-2004
Community Legal Services (Costs) Regulations 2000
England and Wales
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