Green and others v Gaul and Another; In re Loftus deceased: ChD 18 Mar 2005

The claimants began an action in January 2003 to seek to set aside the appointment of an administrator from December 1991, and to have set aside transfers of property made within the estate.
Held: The limitation period against a personal representative began to run only after one year, the executor’s year, after the grant. No right of action arose until the executor became under a duty to distribute.
‘As regards the application for removal under Administration of Justice Act 1985, section 50, it is a matter for the discretion of the court, and that it is reasonable for the court to take a pragmatic approach, to consider the views of the beneficiaries and the interests of the estate as a whole.’
The family members disputed whether there had been a compromise of a dispute over the assets in their father’s estate.


Lawrence Collins J


[2005] 2 All ER 700, Times 28-Mar-2005, [2005] EWHC 406 (Ch), [2005] 1 WLR 1890




Real Property Limitation Act 1860 13, Limitation Act 1980 21(3), Administration of Justice Act 1985 50


England and Wales


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