Doodes v Gotham, Perry: ChD 17 Nov 2005

The trustee in bankruptcy had taken a charge on the property in 1992 to support the bankruptcy in 1988. He sought to enforce it in 2005. The chargor appealed an order which denied he was protected by limitation.
Held: The appeal succeeded. Charges under the 1986 Act were unusual in that they were not preceded by a court action, and no immediate right of enforcement arose in favour of the trustee. ‘The Trustee’s rights against No. 22 under the 1992 Charge were, of course, created in consequence of the bankruptcy but I see them as being rights ‘unaffected’ by the bankruptcy just as are other rights of secured creditors. The rights under the charge subsist even after the bankruptcy has ended and could subsist even after the Trustee had ceased to be the chargee or the Bankrupt the chargor. Moreover, the rights are directed against the Bankrupt’s interest in No. 22, which is property taken out of the estate and vested not in the Trustee but in the Bankrupt himself. The rights are ‘outside the bankruptcy’ or ‘outside the statutory trust’ in the sense that it is not the statutory trust that the Trustee invokes against No. 22 but his rights as chargee. These considerations suggest to me that the Trustee’s rights as chargee should be vulnerable to limitation . . .’


Lindsay J


Times 25-Nov-2005, [2005] EWHC 2576 (Ch), [2006] 1 WLR 729




Limitation Act 1980 20(1), Insolvency Act 1986 313


England and Wales


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Appeal fromGotham v Doodes CA 25-Jul-2006
The former bankrupt resisted sale of his property by the trustee, saying that enforcement was barred by limitation. He and his wife bought the property in early 1988, and he was made bankrupt in October 1988. He was dischaged from bankruptcy in . .
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