GAB Robins (UK) Ltd v Triggs: CA 30 Jan 2008

The claimant had been awarded damages for unfair constructive dismissal. The employer appealed an award of damages for the period prior to the acceptance by the employee of the repudiatory breach.
Held: Where a claimant’s losses arose before the dismissal actually occurred, she might have a separate claim for damages, but that claim was only at common law, and not before an industrial tribunal. The right to claim compensation at the tribunal related only to damages arising as part of the dismissal. The employer’s appeal succeeded to that extent.


Tuckey LJ, Lawrence Collins LJ, Rimer LJ


[2008] EWCA Civ 17, Times 05-Mar-2008, [2008] IRLR 317, [2008] ICR 529




Employment Rights Act 1996 123(1)


England and Wales


Appeal fromGAB Robins (UK) Ltd v Triggs EAT 13-Jun-2007
Constructive dismissal
Last straw constructive unfair dismissal. Last straw; employer’s failure to deal properly with her grievance – Constructive dismissal . .
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Allowance of Stigma Damages
The employees claimed damages, saying that the way in which their employer had behaved during their employment had led to continuing losses, ‘stigma damages’ after the termination.
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