Dennis and Dennis v Ministry of Defence: QBD 16 Apr 2003

The applicants owned a substantial property near an airbase. They complained that changes in the patterns of flying by the respondents were a nuisance and sought damages. Walcot Hall was subjected to very high noise levels from military aircraft. The particular noise is loud and characterised by a very rapid onset with a corresponding startle effect. The question arose whether and in what circumstances a sufficient public interest can amount to a defence to a claim in nuisance.
Held: The noise was a continuing nuisance, and no question of limitation arose. The Harriers were not an oirdinary use of land, within the legal meaning of that phrase. Major developments in any society will interfere with the private enjoyment of nearby land. There was no statute here, only the fact that the noise had escalated. The public interest clearly demands that RAF Wittering should continue to train pilots, and a declaration should not be granted, and the losses were capable of financial satisfaction. There was an interference both with Article 1 and Article 8 rights, but damages would provide just satisfaction.
The Honourable Mr Justice Buckley
[2003] EWHC 793 (QB), Times 06-May-2003, [2003] 2 EGLR 121, [2003] 2 EGLR 121, [2003] NLJR 634, [2006] RVR 45, [2003] 19 EGCS 118
European Convention on Human Rights 1 8
England and Wales
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