Eckerle and Others v Wickeder Westfalenstahl Gmbh and Another: ChD 23 Jan 2013

By acting together, two shareholders had first refused the proposed dividend, and replaced the board. They then acquired fiurther shares and achieved a majority of more than 75%, sufficient to pass a special resolution, and proposed the cancellation of the company’s listing on the German Stock exchange, affecting the value of the remaining minority shares. Minority shareholders asked the court to reverse the de-listing decision and to order the purchase of their shares for a fair value. The majority shareholders now sought summary dismissal of the claims. The shareholdings were dematerialised and held as ‘Clearstream Interests’ and the defendants argued that on that basis the claimants did not hold the 5% of the shares necessary to make such an application.
Held: The application for summary dismissal of the claim succeeded. On its true construction, section 98 applied to the hoders of shares and not to holders of economic interests in shares: ‘a ‘shareholder’ or ‘the holder of a share’ (the terms are interchangeable) is one (and only one) whose name is registered in the register of members. There would in my view have to be an extremely strong reason to read the expression ‘the holders of not less in the aggregate than 5% in nominal value of the company’s issued share capital’ in a sense different from that indicated by the orthodox understanding of company law.’
Some of the claimants had originally voted for the resolution, and under section 98 were not permitted to seek the reveresal of the delisting.

Norris J
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Bailii, WLRD
Companies Act 2006 97 98, Civil Procedure Rules 24
England and Wales
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Shares are allotted to a person when that person acquires an unconditional right to be entered on a company’s register of members. The issue of shares only becomes complete after they are registered in the company’s books for the purposes of the BES . .
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