A M and Others, Regina v: CACD 13 Nov 2009

Each defendant appealed against sentences for murder where they had been increased because of their use of knives.
Held: The 2003 Act now governed sentencing for murder, but did not change the need for a sentence to reflect the seriousness of the crime, allowing for the principles set out in the schedule to the Act. The schedule made special provision for the use of firearms and explosives, but the list was illustrative not exhaustive. Anyone taking a knife about with them and using it should expect severe punishment. The appeals failed.

Lord Judge, LCJ, Mr Justice Penry-Davey and Mr Justice Henriques
[2009] EWCA Crim 2544, Times 06-Jan-2010, [2010] 2 Cr App Rep (S) 19, [2010] Crim LR 243
Criminal Justice Act 2003 821
England and Wales

Criminal Sentencing

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