Regina v Tower Hamlets London Borough Council, ex parte Chetnik Developments Limited: HL 1988

The House was asked whether a rating authority could refuse to repay rates which had been paid by mistake.
Held: ‘Parliament must have intended the rating authorities to act in the same high principled way expected by the court of its own officers and not to retain rates paid under a mistake of law . . unless there were, as Parliament must have contemplated there might be in some cases, special circumstances in which a particular overpayment was made such as to justify retention of the whole or part of the amount overpaid.’ When considering an exercise of a statutory discretion where there is no checklist given by the statute as to how it is to be exercised, how wide is the discretion? Lord Bridge said: ‘Before deciding whether a discretion has been exercised for good or bad reasons, the court must first construe the enactment by which the discretion is conferred. Some statutory discretions may be so wide that they can, for practical purposes, only be challenged if shown to have been exercised irrationally or in bad faith. But if the purpose which the discretion is intended to serve is clear, the discretion can only be validly exercised for reasons relevant to the achievement of that purpose.’ The powers of local authorities conferred upon them for public purposes are conferred upon them ‘as it were upon trust and not absolutely’ and that they can only be lawfully used in the right and proper way which Parliament when conferring them may be presumed to have intended.


Lord Bridge


[1988] 1 AC 858


England and Wales

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