A and B, Regina (on The Application of) v Secretary of State for Health: SC 14 Jun 2017

The court was asked: ‘Was it unlawful for the Secretary of State for Health, the respondent, who had power to make provisions for the functioning of the National Health Service in England, to have failed to make a provision which would have enabled women who were citizens of the UK, but who were usually resident in Northern Ireland, to undergo a termination of pregnancy under the NHS in England free of charge?’
Held: (Hale and Kerr LL dissenting) The appeal failed. Though the Justices expressed a personal sympathy, the scheme created separate health systems for the four countries of the UK. The court had to respect choices made by the democratically elected authorities in Northern Ireland not to fund abortion services.
The human rights challenge fails as the difference in treatment was justified. The respondent’s decision as to whether to provide free abortion services fell within the scope of article 8. The respondent treated women usually resident in England differently from women who, although UK citizens, were usually resident in Northern Ireland. A difference of treatment between UK citizens present in England on the grounds of usual residence falls within the scope of ‘other status’ for the purposes of article 14. The respondent’s loyalty to the devolved scheme for health services in Northern Ireland on abortion services was rationally connected to his decision not to make the direction sought by the appellants. He could not have reached any decision less intrusive upon the article 8 rights of the appellants. The respondent’s decision struck a fair balance between the appellants’ rights and the interests of the UK community as a whole and, accordingly, was justified. The difference in treatment did not amount to discrimination
Lord Kerr (with Lady Hale), dissenting, said that though the aim in section 1 of the 2006 Act relating to the improvement of physical and mental health is limited to the people of England, the aim in section 1(1)(b) relating to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illness is not limited in the same way. Women in Northern Ireland seeking an abortion in England are being treated ‘for the prevention . . of illness’ under section 1(1)(b) as allowing an unwanted pregnancy to continue to term carries a risk of physical or mental injury. In failing to exercise his power, the respondent was wrong to believe that his section 3 duties were confined to the people of England.
Lady Hale, Deputy President, Lord Kerr, Lord Wilson, Lord Reed, Lord Hughes
[2017] UKSC 41, 156 BMLR 1, [2017] 1 WLR 2492, [2017] HRLR 9, [2017] 4 All ER 353, (2017) 156 BMLR 1, [2017] Med LR 347, UKSC 2015/0220
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National Health Service Act 2006, National Health Service (Functions of Strategic Health Authorities and Primary Care Trusts and Administration Arrangements) (England) Regulations 2002 3(7), Health and Social Care Act 2012
England and Wales
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The Court concludes that in Northern Ireland:
(i) There is no general right to abortion whether under the common law or under statute.
(ii) The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (‘the Commission’) has legal standing under the . .
Appeal fromA (A Child) and Another, Regina (on The Application of) v Secretary of State for Health CA 22-Jul-2015
The court considered an appeal from a refusal of judicial review of a decision not to provide free abortion services in England to women from Northern Ireland.
Held: The appeal failed. . .
At First InstanceA and Another, Regina (on The Application of) v Secretary of State for Health Admn 8-May-2014
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