Woodland v Essex County Council: SC 23 Oct 2013

The claimant had been seriously injured in an accident during a swimming lesson. She sought to claim against the local authority, and now appealed against a finding that it was not responsible, having contracted out the provision of swimming lessons. She said that the duty of care was non-delegable.
Held: Her appeal succeeded. For a duty to be non-delegable, and in the absence of vicarious liability, the duty had to be one where the defendant had some characteristic making them vulnerable and which required the defendant to retained control over the claimant in order to perform the function for which it had taken resonsibility. The case was remitted to the High Court to decide whether such a duty was owed here and if so whether the defendants were in breach of it.


Lady Hale, Deputy President, Lord Clarke, Lord Wilson, Lord Sumption, Lord Toulson


[2013] UKSC 66, [2013] 3 WLR 1227, [2013] WLR(D) 403, UKSC 2012/0093, [2014] 1 AC 537, [2014] ELR 67, [2014] 1 All ER 482


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England and Wales


At QBDWoodland v The Swimming Teachers’ Association and Others QBD 17-Oct-2011
The court was asked as to the vicarious or other liability of a school where a pupil suffered injury at a swimming lesson with a non-employee during school time, and in particular whether it had a non-delegable duty to ensure the welfare of children . .
At CAWoodland v Essex County Council CA 9-Mar-2012
The claimant had been injured in a swimming pool during a lesson. The lesson was conducted by outside independent contractors. The claimant appealed against a finding that his argument that they had a non-delegable duty of care was bound to fail. . .
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