Lochgelly Iron and Coal Co v McMullan: HL 10 Jul 1933

Lord Wright coined the term ‘statutory negligence’. He affirmed the need for ‘damage’ as an essential element of actionable negligence, saying: ‘In strict legal analysis, negligence means more than heedless or careless conduct, whether in omission or commission; it properly connotes the complex concept of duty, breach, and damage thereby suffered by the person to whom the duty was owing: on all this the liability depends.’
References: [1933] UKHL 4, 1934 SLT 114, [1934] AC 1, 1933 SC (HL) 64
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Judges: Lord Wright
Jurisdiction: Scotland
This case is cited by:

  • Cited – Simon v Islington Borough Council CA 1943 ([1943] KB 188)
    A cyclist was killed because of the dangerous condition of an abandoned tramway. A rail and the adjoining stone setts were not level with each other. The London Passenger Transport Board had given the highway authority the notice required by statute . .
  • Cited – Axa General Insurance Ltd and Others v Lord Advocate and Others SCS 8-Jan-2010 (2010 GWD 7-118, 2010 SLT 179, , , [2010] ScotCS CSOH – 02, Times 19-Jan-10)
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  • Cited – Wilsons and Clyde Coal Co Ltd v English HL 19-Jul-1937 ([1938] AC 57, , [1937] UKHL 2, [1937] 3 All ER 628)
    The employer had entrusted the task of organising a safe system of work to an employee as a result of whose negligence another employee was injured. The employer could not have been held liable for its own negligence, since it had taken all . .
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    The claimant had been seriously injured in an accident during a swimming lesson. She sought to claim against the local authority, and now appealed against a finding that it was not responsible, having contracted out the provision of swimming . .

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