Williams v Roffey Brothers and Nicholls (Contractors) Ltd: CA 23 Nov 1989

The defendant subcontracted some of its work under a building contract to the plaintiff at a price which left him in financial difficulty and there was a risk that the work would not be completed by the plaintiff. The defendant agreed to make additional payments to the plaintiff in return for his promise to carry out his existing obligations. The plaintiff sued for payment under the original agreement and the further agreement. The defendant argued that its promise to make additional payments was unenforceable, having been made under commercial duress.
Held: The rule in Pinnell’s Case does not apply where the debt arises from the provision of services. A promise to perform an existing obligation can amount to good consideration provided that there are practical benefits to the promisee – an expectation of commercial advantage was good consideration.
Glidewell LJ said: ‘(i) if A has entered into a contract with B to do work for, or to supply goods or services to, B in return for payment by B and (ii) at some stage before A has completely performed his obligations under the contract B has reason to doubt whether A will, or will be able to, complete his side of the bargain and (iii) B thereupon promises A an additional payment in return for A’s promise to perform his contractual obligations on time and (iv) as a result of giving his promise B obtains in practice a benefit, or obviates a disbenefit, and (v) B’s promise is not given as a result of economic duress or fraud on the part of A, then (vi) the benefit to B is capable of being consideration for B’s promise, so that the promise will be legally binding.’

Glidewell, Purchas and Russell LJJ
[1989] EWCA Civ 5, [1991] 1 QB 1, 10 Tr LR 12, [1990] 2 WLR 1153, (1991) 48 BLR 69, [1990] 1 All ER 512
England and Wales
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Payment of Lesser Sum Not Satisfaction
(Court of Common Pleas) The payment of a lesser sum on the day in satisfaction of a greater, cannot be any satisfaction for the whole. The gift of a horse, hawk, robe, etc., in satisfaction, is good. Payment of part before the day and acceptance may . .
CitedStilk v Myrick KBD 16-Dec-1809
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CitedFoakes v Beer HL 16-May-1884
Mrs Beer had obtained judgment against Dr Foakes for andpound;2,090 19s. He asked for time to pay and they agreed with him, acknowledging the debt, and paying part immediately and undertaking to pay the balance over a period of time. In . .

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Not followedIn Re Selectmove Ltd CA 21-Dec-1993
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Held: The court declined to regard a promise to the Revenue by a company to pay its existing . .
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Claim by time share owners for easements over neighbouring land. The easements were for various sporting rights and facilities.
Held: The Claimants were entitled to appropriate declaratory relief confirming that they have the rights they claim . .
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CitedRock Advertising Ltd v MWB Business Exchange Centres Ltd SC 16-May-2018
The parties disputed whether a contract (licence to occupy an office) had been varied by an oral agreement, where the terms prohibited such.
Held: The ‘no oral variation’ clause applied. Such clauses were in common commercial use and served a . .

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