Upmann v Elkan: CA 5 Jun 1871

The defendant freight forwarding agent was innocently in possession of consignments of counterfeit cigars in transit to Germany through a London dock. The action was not for discovery, but for an order restraining the forwarder from releasing the goods and an account of damages, on the footing that he had himself infringed the mark. The forwarder volunteered the names of the consignors and agreed to submit to whatever order the court should make. That left only the question of the costs of the action.
Held: Lord Romilly MR accepted that the forwarder was not an infringer, but thought that he would have been if after being told of the infringement he had not performed his duty. His duty in Lord Romilly’s view (p 145) was ‘at once to give all the information required, and to undertake that the goods shall not be removed or dealt with until the spurious brand has been removed, and to offer to give all facilities to the person injured for that purpose.’
If through no fault of his own a person gets mixed up in the tortious acts of others so as to facilitate their wrongdoing, he is not personally liable, but he does have a duty when called upon to disclose the identity of the wrongdoer.
Lord Hatherley LC, Lord Romilly MR
(1871) LR 12 Eq 140, 7 Ch App 130, [1871] UKLawRpEq 101
England and Wales
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