Banker’s Trust v Shapira: CA 1980

Enforcement through innocent third party bank

Two forged cheques, each for USD500,000, had been presented by two men and as a result USD1,000,000 had been transferred to accounts in their names. The plaintiff sought to trace assets through the banks involved.
Held: The court approved the use of Norwich Pharmacol procedures in actions where those who have been deprived of property have sought to obtain from banks and others information to enable them to trace the assets. The bank, though involved through no fault of their own in the wrongful acts of others, came ‘under a duty to assist [the plaintiffs] by giving them and the court full information and disclosing the identity of the wrongdoers’, with an important caveat that: ‘This new jurisdiction must of course be carefully exercised. It is a strong thing to order a bank to disclose the state of its customers account and the documents and correspondence relating to it.’ However the court would, if necessary, make a more wide-ranging order.
Lord Denning MR said: ‘The plaintiff who has been defrauded has a right in equity to follow the money. He is entitled, in Lord Atkin’s words, to lift the latch of the banker’s door: see Banque Belge pour l’Etranger v Hambrouck [1921] 1 K B 321, 355. The customer, who has prima facie been guilty of fraud, cannot bolt the door against him. . . If the plaintiff’s equity is to be of any avail, he must be given access to the bank’s books and documents – for that is the only way of tracing the money or of knowing what has happened to it: see Mediterranea Raffineria Siciliana Petroli Spa v Mabanaft GmbH (unreported). So the court, in order to give effect to equity, will be prepared in a proper case to make an order on the bank for their discovery.’
Lord Denning MR
[1980] 1 WLR 1274, [1980] 3 All ER 353
England and Wales
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Innocent third Party May still have duty to assist
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CitedUpmann v Elkan CA 5-Jun-1871
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