Universal Thermosensors Ltd v Hibben and Others: ChD 8 Jul 1992

After complex litigation, the remaining issues were a claim for damages by the claimant in respect of the defendant’s misuse of confidential information and a counterclaim by the defendants for loss falling within the claimant’s cross-undertaking in damages given when obtaining interlocutory injunctive relief.
Held: In the light of the facts established at trial, the interlocutory injunction granted had gone beyond what was required for the proper protection of the plaintiff’s legitimate rights, because it had put the plaintiff into a better position than if there had been no misuse of information. By the time it was granted, sufficient time had expired for the relevant information to have been independently compiled. The plaintiff should not be put in a better position than if there had been no breach of confidence. An injunction restraining a defendant from dealing with customers who had already been approached was not appropriate and damages were the remedy in respect of past wrongs. It was important to distinguish between an injunction to prevent future misuse of confidential information and relief in respect of misuse which had already occurred before the date of the injunction. In some cases an injunction for a limited period could be justified ‘as affording the means for putting the parties back into the position they would have occupied had there been no misuse’ or ‘as affording the means of preventing the defendants from benefiting from the springboard effect of their use of the plaintiff’s confidential information’. If the interlocutory injunction had had the effect ‘simply of restoring the parties to the competitive position they each sought to occupy and that each would have occupied but for the defendants’ misconduct’, ‘such a form of injunction would be fair and just’. The court set out steps to be taken to protect defendants in Anton Piller executions.

Sir Donald Nicholls VC
Gazette 08-Jul-1992, [1992] 1 WLR 840
England and Wales
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