The Governor And Company of Undertakers For Raising Thames Water In York Buildings v Alexander Mackenzie, Writer, To The Signet: PC 15 May 1795

Who bears the Expense of a Ranking and Sale? – Election of the Common Agent. – Can the Common Agent be a Purchaser? – Expense of an interim Warrant.
References: [1795] EngR 4112, (1795) 8 Bro PC 42, (1795) 3 ER 432
Jurisdiction: Scotland
This case cites:

  • At Court of Session – York Buildings Co v Mackenzie SCS 8-Mar-1793
    Purchase by Common Agent at Auction Voidable
    The defendant was the ‘common agent’ for the sale of the assets of an insolvent partnership and purchased some of the assets at a judicial auction.
    Held: The purchase was voidable, even though it was made at a sale by auction.
    Who bears . .
    (3 Paton 378, , (1795) 3 ER 432)

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