The Ampthill Peerage Case: HL 1977

There was a dispute about the legitimacy of an heir to the title. New evidence had been discovered after the trial.
Held: The House considered whether a new trial of an action might be ordered after discovery of new evidence: ‘The law knows, and we all know, that sometimes fresh material may be found, which perhaps might lead to a different result, but, in the interests of peace, certainty and security it prevents further enquiry. It is said that in doing this, the law is preferring justice to truth. That may be so: these values cannot always coincide. The law does its best to reduce the gap. But there are cases where the certainty of justice prevails over the possibility of truth . . and these are cases where the law insists on finality.’
However: ‘For a policy of closure to be compatible with justice, it must be attended with safeguards: so the law allows appeals: so the law, exceptionally, allows appeals out of time, so the law still more exceptionally allows judgments to be attacked on the ground of fraud.’
Having a particular status in law means ‘the condition of belonging to a class in society to which the law ascribes peculiar rights and duties, capacities and incapacities.’ (Lord Simon of Glaisdale)

Lord Wilberforce considered the status of legitimacy: ‘There can hardly be anything of greater concern to a person than his status as the legitimate child of his parents: denial of it, or doubts as to it, may affect his reputation, his standing in the world, his admission into a vocation, or a profession, or into social organisations, his succession to property, his succession to a title. It is vitally necessary that the law should provide a means for any doubts which may be raised to be resolved, and resolved at a time when witnesses and records are available. It is vitally necessary that any such doubts once disposed of should be resolved once and for all and that they should not be capable of being reopened whenever, allegedly, some new material is brought to light which might have borne upon the question.’

Lord Wilberforce, Lord Simon of Glaisdale
[1977] AC 547
England and Wales
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