Takhar v Gracefield Developments Ltd and Others: SC 20 Mar 2019

The claimant appellant alleged that properties she owned were transferred to the first defendant under undue influence or other unconscionable conduct by the second and third defendants. The claim was dismissed. Three years later she claimed to set that judgment aside having been obtained by fraud. To support the allegation she brought evidence not available at the first trial that the defendants had forged her signature on a document. The defendants requested its strike out as an abuse of process, saying that reasonable diligence would have obtained the fresh evidence before the original trial. The judge refused the application and allowed the claim to proceed to trial, holding that the reasonable diligence condition did not apply where a party sought to set aside a judgment on the grounds of fraud, and there had been no abuse of process. The CA allowed the defendants’ appeal, holding that reasonable diligence was required by the claimant.
Held: The appeal succeeded. A person who applies to set aside an earlier judgment on the basis of fraud does not have to demonstrate that the evidence of this fraud could not have been obtained with reasonable diligence in advance of the earlier trial.
Fraud as such had not been pleaded at the first trial, and therefore this was not a relitigation of the issues at that first trial, and the authorities on which the defendant relied did not go to a proposition that, in cases where it is alleged that a judgment was obtained by fraud, it may only be set aside where the party who makes that application can demonstrate that the fraud could not have been uncovered with reasonable diligence in advance of the judgment. The law does not expect people to arrange their affairs on the basis that others may commit fraud.
An action to set aside an earlier judgment for fraud is not a procedural application but a cause of action. This cause of action is independent of the cause of action asserted in the earlier proceedings and there can therefore be no question of cause of action estoppel. There is also no question of issue estoppel, because the basis of the action is that the earlier decision is vitiated by fraud and cannot bind the parties.


Lord Kerr, Lord Sumption, Lord Hodge, Lord Lloyd-Jones, Lord Briggs, Lady Arden, Lord Kitchin


[2019] UKSC 13, [2019] 2 WLR 984, [2019] 3 All ER 283, [2019] WLR(D) 198, UKSC 2017/0072


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Income Taxes Act 2007 132, Taxes Management Act 1970 9A Sch1A


England and Wales


At first InstanceTakhar v Gracefield Developments Ltd and Others ChD 6-May-2015
The claimant alleged that the defendant had obtained its judgment in earlier proceedings by fraud. The defendant now applied for the claim to be dismissed as an abuse of process. . .
Appeal fromTakhar v Gracefield Developments Ltd and Others CA 21-Mar-2017
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