Terry (previously LNS) v Persons Unknown: QBD 29 Jan 2010

The claimant (then known as LNS) had obtained an injunction to restrain publication of private materials.
Held: There was insufficient material to found an action in confidence or privacy. An applicant was unlikely to succeed either at an interim application or at trial, whether under the law of defamation or the law of privacy, where, as explained in the Court of Appeal in Initial Services v Putterill [1968] 1 QB 396 there is no confidence in iniquity.
Tugendhat J said: ‘The court is being asked by LNS to have regard to the Article 8 rights of the other person and the interested persons. Respect for the dignity and autonomy of the individuals concerned requires that, if practicable, they should speak for themselves . . If it is not practicable or just that the other person or anyone else should not give evidence personally, the court should know why.’
He rejected a suggestion that the public interest was solely concerned with illegal conduct, though: ‘It is not for the judge to express personal views on such matters, still less to impose whatever personal views he might have. That is not the issue. The issue is what the judge should prohibit one person from saying publicly about another.’
‘Having decided that the nub of this application is a desire to protect what is in substance reputation, it follows that in accordance with Bonnard v Perryman no injunction should be granted. I do not know what words any newspaper threatens to publish. But it is likely that whatever is published, the editors will choose words that they will contend are capable of being defended in accordance with the law of defamation.’


Tugendhat J


[2010] EWHC 119 (QB), [2010] 1 FCR 659, [2010] Fam Law 453, [2010] EMLR 16




England and Wales


CitedInitial Services Ltd v Putterill CA 1967
The plaintiff’s sales manager resigned, but took with him confidential documents which he gave to a newspaper. The defendant sought to justify this, saying that the company had failed to register agreements it should have done under the Act.

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