Ferdinand v MGN Limited: QBD 29 Sep 2011

The claimant, a famous footballer, complained that an article by the defendant relating an affair he had had, had infringed his right to privacy. The defendant relied on its right to freedom of expression. The claimant had at an earlier stage, and at the time of the incidents related, led a wilder social life, but said that he had since settled down.
Held: The claim failed. The evidence of earlier behaviour was a matter of proper public interest, and the claimant himself in his own book had made much of it. That did not mean that he had abandoned all rights of privacy: ‘In the nature of things, the subject matter of the article is private information which is likely to have caused even a phlegmatic character some embarrassment and, as such, this supports the existence of a reasonable expectation of privacy.’
Nicol J continued: ‘the balancing competing rights between Article 8 and Article 10 called for an intense focus on the comparative importance of the two rights in the specific context of the particular case.’ In this particular case, the claimant had met up with the woman after the time when he was proclaiming himself a reformed character, and had managed a public relations effort to project an image consistent with his later standing as captain of the England football team. Such an appointment might itself require better standards of the appointee, and his appointment was as a direct result of the prior captain’s own failings. The balancing exercise in this particular case fell to the defendant’s benefit.

Nicol J
[2011] EWHC 2454 (QB)
European Convention on Human Rights 10 8
England and Wales
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