Sheldon v Sheldon (The Queen’s Proctor Intervening); 28 Jan 1865

References: [1865] EngR 180 (A), (1865) 4 Sw & Tr 75
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Practice. – Dismissal of Petition – No Evidence produced -The Queen’s Proctor intervened in a suit for dissolution in which the respondent did not appear, and alleged collusion and the petitioner’s adultery. No evidence being tendered in support of the petition, when the case came n for hearing the Court dismissed the petition, without requiring evidence to be produced in support of the Queen’s Proctor’s plea.
This case is cited by:

  • Cited – Rapisarda -v- Colladon (Irregular Divorces) FC (Bailii, [2014] EWFC 35)
    The court considered applications to set aside some 180 petitions for divorce on the grounds that they appeared to be attempts to pervert the course of justice by wrongfully asserting residence in order to benefit from the UK jurisdiction.