SB (Bangladesh) v Secretary of State for the Home Department: CA 31 Jan 2007

A Bangladeshi woman entered into an arranged polygamous marriage in Bangladesh and many years later dishonestly (led by her husband) obtained entry clearance as a visitor before then unsuccessfully seeking leave to remain as being financially dependent upon a daughter settled here. She was anxious to continue enjoying access rights to her younger son here. The AIT dismissed her appeal, taking the view that there was ‘no reason why a properly structured application under [the relevant rule] should be refused by an ECO. After 12 months the appellant would be entitled to make an application for indefinite leave to remain in the UK under [the rule], since [her son] would still be under 18 at that time.’ In those circumstances the tribunal did not think it disproportionate to return the appellant to Bangladesh to apply for entry clearance there.
Held: Her appeal was allowed and the case remitted to the tribunal. The tribunal ‘should not have carried out, or taken into account, their own assessment of her prospects of coming back to the UK on an indefinite basis pursuant to an application which she might make from Bangladesh for entry clearance under the immigration rules.’ The fact that the appellant ‘only just failed to qualify for admission’ was a fact to be counted in her favour.
Ward LJ said: ‘It would . . seem somewhat paradoxical if the stronger an appellant’s perceived case for entry clearance under the immigration rules the more likely he or she is to be removed. Yet . . on the basis of the reasoning of the tribunal in this case, that would be the inevitable consequence.’
Ward, Neuberger and Gage LJJ
[2007] EWCA Civ 28
England and Wales
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Dicta approvedLekstaka, Regina (on the Application of) v Immigration Appeal Tribunal and Another Admn 18-Apr-2005
Collins J said: ‘one is entitled to see, whether in all the circumstances, this case falls within the spirit of the Rules or the policies, even if not within the letter.’ . .

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