Sarjantson v Humberside Police: CA 18 Oct 2013

The claimant had been severely injured in an attack by a group of young men. He said that the defendant had failed in its duty to protect him and his family. He nw appealed against the action being struck out.
Held: the judge’s interpretation of the Article 2 duty falling in the police was too narrow when he said that the duty arose only when the identity of the claimant was known to them: ‘Such a limitation would be inconsistent with the idea that the provisions of the Convention should be interpreted and applied in such a way as to make its safeguards practical and effective.’
The appeal succeeded as to the extent of the article 2 duty. It wuld now be up to a court below to establish whether on the facts the respondent was n breach.

Lord Dyson MR, McFarlane, Sharp LJJ
[2013] EWCA Civ 1252, [2013] WLR(D) 393, [2014] 1 All ER 960, [2014] 1 QB 411, [2013] 3 WLR 1540, [2014] Med LR 63
Human Rights Act 1998 6, European Convention on Human Rights 2 3
England and Wales
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