Rodriguez v Minister of Housing of The Government and Another: PC 14 Dec 2009

Gibraltar – The claimant challenged a public housing allocation policy which gave preference to married couples and parents of children, excluding same sex and infertile couples.
Held: The aim of discouraging homosexual relationships is equally impermissible under sections 7(1) and 14 of the Constitution of Gibraltar. The suggested aims are incoherent and the means employed are not rationally connected to those aims. The appellant is entitled to a declaration that she has been treated in a discriminatory manner, in contravention of her rights under sections 7 and 14 of the Constitution.
This was not direct discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation, because other unmarried couples suffered the same disadvantage. But it was more severe than most cases of indirect discrimination, because the criterion was one which the couple would never be able to meet: ‘Thus it is a form of indirect discrimination which comes as close as it can to direct discrimination’


Lord Phillips, Lady Hale, Lord Collins, Sir Jonathan Parker, Sir Henry Brooke


[2009] UKPC 52, [2010] UKHRR 144, 28 BHRC 189




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