Revenue and Customs v Joint Administrators of Lehman Brothers International (Europe): SC 13 Mar 2019

The Court was asked whether interest payable under rule 14.23(7) of the Insolvency Rules 2016 is ‘yearly interest’ within the meaning of section 874 of the Income Tax Act 2007. If so, the administrators must deduct income tax before paying interest to creditors. Lehmann Brothers had become insolvent, but in the administration a substantial surplus was achieved. About 5 billion pounds was payable as statutory interest.
Held: The administrators’ appeal failed. Tax was deductible before payment out. Interest is paid as statutory compensation for the loss which the creditors have suffered by being kept out of their money during the administration. Income tax legislation adopted a dichotomy between the treatment of interest of any kind which is not paid out of profits or gains, on the one hand, and yearly interest, on the other hand.

Lord Reed (Deputy President), Lord Carnwath, Lord Hodge, Lady Black, Lord Briggs
[2019] UKSC 12, UKSC 2018/0013, [2019] Bus LR 927, [2019] 1 BCLC 609, [2019] STC 661, [2019] BTC 9, [2019] BCC 720, [2019] 2 All ER 559, [2019] STI 705, [2019] 1 WLR 2173
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Income Tax Act 2007 874, Insolvency Rules 2016 14.23(7)
England and Wales
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A purchaser liable to pay interest on his purchase-money may deduct income tax from such interest. It was the practice to deduct the tax from the interest on debts upon promissory notes and the like in the offices of the Masters in Chancery. The tax . .
Appeal fromRevenue and Customs v Lomas and Others (Administrators of Lehman Brothers International (Europe)) CA 19-Dec-2017
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Held: The . .
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Where a person already has contractual relations with another, his assumption of a fiduciary role in relation to that other will not necessarily require him to abandon his own contractual interests. . .
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Receivers’ payment of statutory interest gross
Substantial sums were to be repaid to creditors after the administration of Lehman Brothers produced a substantial surplus. The sums were to carry interest and the court now considered whether the sums due amounted to ‘yearly interest’ under section . .
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The amount of interest payable on compulsory purchase of land depends upon the value given to the land and the length of the period from the time of entry until reinstatement, the period during which the claimant is dispossessed. During that time, . .
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