Revenue and Customs v Frank A Smart and Son Ltd: SC 29 Jul 2019

The question was whether a taxpayer can deduct as input tax the VAT which it has incurred in purchasing entitlements to an EU farm subsidy, the Single Farm Payment. The taxpayer had used those entitlements to annual subsidies over several years and intended to use money resulting from the receipt of those subsidies to fund its current and future business activities, which currently involve only taxable supplies.
Held: The appeal failed: ‘The recognition that fund-raising costs may, where the evidence permits, be treated as general overheads of a taxable person’s business means that the taxable person must be able to provide objective evidence to support the connection between the fund-raising transaction and its proposed economic activities. The taxpayer also needs to maintain adequate banking arrangements and records to vouch the later use of the funds so raised to demonstrate its entitlement to deduct and to retain the deduction, if investigated. As the CJEU recorded in Sveda (para 36) the taxpayer will have to repay input VAT if it does not use the input goods or services for the purposes of its economic activity. HMRC has power to charge VAT under regulation 3 of the Value Added Tax (Supply of Services) Order 1993 (SI 1993/1507), where a taxable person uses services supplied to it for its business for a purpose other than a business use, by treating that use as a supply of services in the course of its business. This may involve HMRC in more investigations than the CJEU envisaged in BLP (para 24). But this supervision of the subsequent use of the raised funds, with which the services were associated, seems to me to be an inevitable consequence of the CJEU’s interpretation of the PVD.’


Lord Reed, Deputy President

Lord Wilson

Lord Hodge

Lord Briggs

Lady Arden


[2019] UKSC 39, [2019] WLR 4849, 2019 GWD 23-374, [2020] 1 All ER 97, 2019 SLT 857, [2019] STI 1467, 2019 SCLR 959, [2019] STC 1549, [2019] BVC 37, [2019] 1 WLR 4849, UKSC 2018/0073


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