Kretztechnik AG v Finanzamt Linz: ECJ 26 May 2005

Europa Sixth VAT Directive – Supplies for consideration – Share issue – Admission of a company to a stock exchange – Deductibility of VAT).
Kretztechnik’s objects were the development and sale of electro-medical appliances. Sales of its products were subject to VAT with the result that it was entitled to deduct input tax on supplies of goods or services acquired by it for the purpose of making those sales. In order to increase its share capital, it obtained a listing on the Frankfurt stock exchange. To do so it had to purchase certain services. VAT was charged on the cost of those services. Kretztechnik wished to deduct that tax (input VAT).
Held: Though a new issue was not itself a taxable transaction, VAT which had been paid on the professional and other costs of the issue could be set off as VAT inputs under article 17.


C-465/03, [2005] EUECJ C-465/03, Times 21-Jun-2005, [2005] STC 1644, [2005] 1 WLR 3755, [2005] ECR I-4357





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