Regina v Maidstone Crown Court ex parte Waitt: QBD 1988

The solicitor applicant challenged the grant of a search order under section 9.
Held: The order was quashed. The court underlined the need for judges to be scrupulous in discharging their responsibilities so as to ensure that use of the procedures, which constitute a serious inroad upon the liberty of the subject, are not abused. In addition the court made clear that fulfilment of each part of the relevant conditions is a matter of substance. The reasons for authorising the seizure must be made clear and applications without notice must be fully justified. As to section 9: ‘The special procedure under section 9 and schedule 1 is a serious inroad upon the liberty of the subject. The responsibility for ensuring that the procedure is not abused lies with circuit judges. It is of cardinal importance that circuit judges should be scrupulous in discharging that responsibility. The responsibility is greatest when the circuit judge is asked to issue a warrant under paragraph 12. It is essential that the reason for authorising the seizure is made clear. The preferred method of obtaining material for a police investigation should always be by way of an inter partes order under paragraph 4, after notice of application has been served under paragraph 8. An ex parte application under paragraph 12 must never become a matter of common form and satisfaction as to fulfilment of the conditions is an important matter of substance.’


Lloyd LJ


[1988] Crim LR 384


Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 10


England and Wales

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